Total Recruitment Solutions

Our Role As Recruitment Consultants

What We Do before Sharing Candidates Profile to Client Company

1. R&D About Company & JD KRA
2. CV Source from Database/ Portals/Headhunt
3. Proper Complete CV Validation
4. Telephonic Screening
5. Share JD & Company Profile to all candidates
6. Bulk Email, SMS, Whats App, VC
7. Follow Ups & Take Confirmation from candidates,
8. CV Stamping, CV Editing, CV Writing,
9. Excel Summary Each Profile
10. Recruiter Comments & Feedback

What We Deliver: (Top of CV &  Excel Summary Both )

Complete Profile Summary :
(Profile Validate & Screen By Recruiter Name)

  1. Candidate Name :
  2. Total Exp : Yrs
  3. Relevant Exp : Yrs
  4. Industry Exp: Yrs
  5. Other Exp: Yrs
  6. Qualification:
  7. Current Organization :
  8. Designation:
  9. Current Job Tenure & Career Growth (Stability): Yrs
  10. Current Job Location:
  11. Current Ctc: LPA, KPM,
  12. Expected Ctc: % Hike
  13. Valid Reason for Change:
  14. Notice Period :
  15. Interview Availability:
  16. Previous Organization:
  17. Designation:
  18. Job Tenure (Stability): Yrs

Executive Search

We are providing end to end recruitment & staffing solutions across the verticals in generic, niche & technical skill sets that help us to cater all under one roof. Our time bound & robust support systems are an absolute delight for our clients.

Whenever we get a new requirement from a company, we do a thorough research on the job profile, industry standard, and pre and present candidate’s level. By analyzing these, we get the exact sketch or dimension of the candidate that the company is looking for in a potential candidate. If we do not get the ideal candidate then we look for the best suitable match for the position. We try to maintain a quality as we tap all potential candidates available for job change.

Executive Search (senior level)

  • Hiring top-level executives
  • Despite our data-base, we identify professionals who do not want to move/change (head hunt).

Executive Placement Through Databank

  • Primarily addresses recruitment of senior and middle level recruitments
  • Web based databank of more than 5 lakh resumes
  • Suitable short listing is done through competency based
  • Interviewing and relevant behavioral questionnaires

Bulk Recruitment

Recruitment through job posting / data bank within stipulated time frame Excellent network through expert team members enables quick processing response The services include bulk recruitment within the projected time frame in all levels Vast experience and expertise in handling national and multinational recruitment projects in india & abroad.

We are service providers of headhunting services etc. Despite our data-base, we identify professionals who do not want to move/change (head hunt)Premier is a reliable HR company that focuses on providing the best services to clients in executive search. We have highly experienced & trained professionals here to take care of this function. Executive search is a highly responsible task that needs careful preparation & research before a potential candidate can be approached. For this, we conduct close study & analysis of the clients organization, the work culture, etc so as to be able to convince professionals to leave their present companies & join the client instead. At Premier placement, our hr team is proficient in executive search.

Head Hunting

FMC in Kolkata offer premium Head Hunting Services to several companies in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and all other metro cities. Our expert professionals, with an approach to find experienced candidate with the required skill, conduct personalized sessions and identify the prospective employee. With the skills of convincing the candidate to join the company, we are capable of serving the requirements of the companies with Head Hunting in a successful manner.


Need Job Details for the Candidates Validation & Hire Best Candidates

  1. Position Open: Designation/Job Title
  2. Grade & Reporting To (Hierarchy Benchmark )
  3. Job Role/KRA/JD:
  4. Offer Ctc/ Budget Salary Range :
  5. Job Location :
  6. Total Yrs Exp ( Need Min to Max Yrs & Industry Specification)
  7. Qualification (If Any Specific Qualification/Certification):
  8. Gender (M/F)
  9. Age Bracket (Min to Max)
  10. Interview Process : Walking/CV Shortlisting then Telephonic/F2F/VC/Online
  11. Position Closing Deadline :